Color wheels in graphic design.

When we think of innovation, everything about design and its progress concerning what we have in mind comes to mind, the design will always go first in the media since through this it is possible to create a perception Attractive to consumers.

It is good to keep in mind some ways of designing and which are the best to attract more people, seeing that there are some parameters and rules to follow depending on the medium for which it is being designed.

For example, when we enter a store we can see that it has a structure, colors, and design that go with the theme of the store and that together with a good atmosphere it attracts us in some way. We can also see that even in employee uniforms there is a design.

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We also see that all the stores that we enter have a different style, either for the type of trade that is or the items that it is dedicated to selling, the colors are the main thing since these are used as an advertising attraction at the time to sell.

Also, we can detail that the advertising posters of the stores have colors, which by looking at them make us feel identified in some way and attracting us in some way.

The walls and all the colors of the stores also have some striking colors that go with the theme and attractiveness of it, in short, the colors and design go hand in hand whenever we want to advertise and sell something.

Well, since we talk about how stores and shops use colors and design to sell; now we will talk a little about what the design is and how it is the main factor when selling.

As we put the digital media, which thanks to innovation are at the top of what we know as commerce and is increasingly gaining much more power; but it is good to know that for these digital platforms to succeed they must have a unique style, design, and colors that appeal to all types of users.

For the creators of web platforms, it is essential to know what feelings provoke the animations, colors, and style in people and that is why when creating they make an exhaustive study of each of these factors such as color, style, and design.

Since, as the investigations towards the human mind have been determined, it is possible to make some sensations feel through the colors and for that the graphic designer has a variety of colors that he uses to design either an advertising or a website.

It is possible to control the mind through colors since these, as we said before, produce sensations in people, so as, white is associated with light, purity, and perfection.

The yellow joy and happiness.

The orange: promotes creativity, and also attraction.

The rose: romance.

Green: it is a relaxing color for human perception.

The blue: it is calm and tranquility.


Well, in general words we saw that they produce some of the main colors, but it is good to know how graphic designers do to obtain all colors and different tones and for that there is what is called a color wheel.

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The color wheel is a sphere with the primary colors that are degraded one by one until the next color is obtained, that is, if we have a green color, this changes its tones until it changes completely to the other color.


In graphic design, this is a very useful tool because thanks to this you can use different shades of colors for the same color taking into account different styles. In other words, to not always use the same color we can vary between the tones of one only if we always want to create the same feeling.


It is good to consider that a good design accompanied by good colors attracts the best looks, and when it comes to selling or advertising that is super important.


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